Anarchy Tattoo Studios
3000 Middletown Rd,
BRONX, Ny 10461

"What we do"

At Anarchy Tattoo Studios in the Bronx our Artists work closely with clients to bring their dreams to reality. Tattoo art, heck any type of art is our passion. Even if you can't picture the specific tattoo you want we will create something that will stand out above the rest. We have been tattooing and piercing in the Bronx for years and creating art our entire lives, check out our ARTIST section to see our tattoo pictures for yourself. Come in today and be inspired!

Established April 9th 2016  

"We are who we are"
At Anarchy Tattoo Studios we see the world differently. We have years of experience tattooing/piercing and a lifetime of creating art. Our motivation behind every tattoo we do is the artistic fulfillment of creating a masterpiece. We at Anarchy Tattoo Studios stand against the new wave of tattoo shops that only operate for pure profit. Creating great art in a super clean environment is the inspiration behind our existence. Anarchy Tattoo Studios is "by Artists for Artists" and our passion in what we do is also what we stand for.


MONDAY- 12PM-9PM (or later)

TUESDAY- 12PM-9PM (or later)

WEDNESDAY- 12PM-9PM (or later)

THURSDAY- 12PM-9PM (or later)

FRIDAY- 12PM-10PM (or later)

SATURDAY- 12PM-10PM (or later)